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Barok and Takya Bisaya Podcast

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Keep on Dreaming

What is your dream bayan? in this episode, Barok and Takya talks about their dreams and why Filipino has to leave their family back home to fulfill the dream. Please follow and listen to Barok and Takya, Bisaya Radio Pod at the best bisaya radio streaming on the internet.

Philippine Holy Days

Bisaya Radio Pod hosts Barok and Takya talks about how Filipino observe Semana Santa, spanish word for Holy Week in the Philippines. Barok expressed his views on what it feels like during the holy week period. The eerie ambience and the taboo beliefs that we still carry on to this day. Takya also shared her opinions on how our devotee bayan takes punishing to the next level in order to complete their vows, expressing their gratitude for favours granted and asking forgiveness for their sins. Thank you Bayan for supporting Barok and Takya's Bisaya Radio Pod, the best bisaya radio. Please follow our bisaya radio pod at SALAMAT Bayan!

pinoy obsession to whitening

Episode 29, Barok and Takya share their thoughts on why Filipino are so obsessed to have white skin. Who influence us? Is it the ads we seen on tv? Is it our way of culture? or is it just us? We'll whatever that is, join Barok and Takya as they discuss this topic and share their opinions. If you Have your own opinion Bayan, please follow and leave a comment on Barok and Takya's website at If you like our podcast please leave us a good rating on itunes, spotify, stitcher or other ios or android podcast apps you used! Please support Barok and Takya, the best bisaya radio pod. SALAMAT BAYAN! 

Filipino You Indeed

What makes you a Filipino? this episode talks about the Filipino identity and culture. Listen and find out about how barok and takya share their thoughts about  living overseas where you hardly differentiate  filipino from other asians, and what we used to say is are you a filipino? or hello kuya or ate! and many more. Please Follow Barok and Takya's official website at SALAMAT Bayan!

house chore you will do it

Do you remember when your parents get you to do house chores? Do you nag and get cranky when they ask you to do something like cleaning or fixing your bed? Find out how Barok and Takya tackle their parents in doing their house chores. Thank you for listening the number one radio bisaya podcast, CocknDuck Bisaya Podcast. Please LIKE our Facebook Page - SALAMAT BAYAN!


Episode 26, Barok and Takya talks about how Filipino celebrate Graduation in the Philipippines, one of the the biggest celebration of their child's success. The momentous feelings for parents knowing their kids will go up on stage to receive the value of education, the important ingredient for their child's future. Thank you for listening to CocknDuck Bisaya Podcast, Home of the Bisaya Radio on the web.

why podcast?

Episode 25, talks about why we do podcast and what is all about? Do you miss Bisaya Radio? Listen to Barok and Takya Bisaya language radio right here on CocknDuck Bisaya Podcast. 

Filipino Angga Management

Do you like your name? Are you proud of it? Or do you wish you have a better one? Filipino love to used "Angga" or "Nickname" to name their children. Join Barok and Takya as they talk about all the nicknames they can think of. Download iHeart Radio, Stitcher, Spotify and Podbean and SUBSCRIBE so you can get the latest episodes of Barok and Takya storya story ta maski unsa. Thank you Bayan for your support to our Bisaya Language Radio, CocknDuck Bisaya Podcast. Daghan Salamat!  

pinoy commuter

In this episode, Barok and Takya talks about how the Filipino travel from one place to another and how they depend on it's public transport system. Hear Barok and Takya's discussion on what it felt like to become a survival commuter in the Philippines. Thank You Bayan! for listening the number ONE Bisaya Radio Podcast, The CocknDuck Bisaya Podcast. 

fruits for all season

Is there any Filipino fruits that you miss eating? Find out in this episode what Takya is crazily craving for a particular fruit. Download the Android/IOS app Stitcher, Pocket Cast, Castbox, Player FM, iTunes, Beyondpod and Podbean so you can follow Barok and Takya's new episode. Thank you BAYAN! Follow and LIKE our Facebook Page INSTAGRAM 

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